The Unblinded Formula is Here

Meet Fernando Valencia

Fernando is a partner of Unblinded and has been working to grow the organization since its inception. He is an expert in integrity based human influence and has mastered the formula!

Fernando ran an extremely successful events management company that was one of the largest in New Jersey and valued at over $1,000,000 prior to becoming one of the founders of Unblinded.

What Happens On the Call?

During the call you will tactical and practical knowledge about the Unblinded Formula! 

Meet an Unblinded Founding Partner! 
Get tangible training in the formula!
Make distinctions to enhance your business!
Discover next steps to get massive acceleration!
Make more money, in less time, with more Magic! 

What are people saying? 

Jay Levine
Owner at One94 Real Estate

Fernando hit me with a lightning bolt and opened up my listening to understand how to grow my business! 

Bella Verita
CEO at Align Sales

After working with Fernando I have been able to find small pivots in my business that have changed the entire trajectory!

Rob Gill
Owner at Epic Wealth Management

Fernando is one of the most brilliant individuals when it comes to distilling complex ideologies into simple to understand and implementable format! 

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